Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Search for Shoes--Outfit #2

Outfit #2 for which I'm looking for coordinating shoes is a long-sleeve cotton knit Desigual dress I got for my birthday (thanks Mom and Dad!). Boots work great with this dress, along with a fluffy oversized red scarf for winter, but it has been unseasonably warm the last several days and it makes me think ahead to warmer days. I know I'll want to wear this dress past the days when boots are in order.

The dress pictured here is very similar to mine. I'm really digging Poetic Licence's Summer Bloom heel (they are black on one side, cream on the other!) but they might not be quite right for this dress. Trinklettina by Irregular Choice? Or Beans on Toast? What do you think?

The Search for Pink Shoes...

The last few days I've been searching online for shoes to match two outfits. This breaks my usual M.O. of buying shoes first and then an outfit to match, so I'm having difficulty.

The first outfit is a blush pink crepe Tahari skirt suit, with 3/4 sleeves, four silver-tone filigree buttons, wide collar, and some nice pleating details on the pockets and back kick pleat. I still need to get the skirt shortened, as the overall look is a bit conservative for me, but I love the Jackie-Kennedy-esqueness of the look.

So, I'm thinking the shoes for this suit should be a heel, perhaps a kitten heel, lady-like, but not overly platform-y. T-strap or mary-jane would be ok. Oh, and they should be pink.

One of the possibilities was a pair of Prada heels. OK, yeah, so after I saw the price I kept searching...the best candidate within the realm of the affordable pictured here are the Butter heels. The others are mostly too pricey for my budget, or just not quite right.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Supreme Fabulousness...

These Betsey Johnson "Lacy" shoes came to me via a sale - popped in my email inbox one morning and BAM! - I had to have them.

Never mind that I had no occasion to wear these.
Never mind that these are taller than any other heels I own.
Never mind that I knew I wouldn't be able walk farther than a few blocks in these.
Never mind that I absolutely do not and did not need anymore shoes.

I still had to have them.

They have a flamboyant flower on the ankle.
They are t-straps.
They are leopard print.
They are fuchsia.
They match my bathroom.

Oh, Betsey Johnson, thank you for fun and fabulousness of shoe design!

Can't Wait for Spring

Last summer just didn't get warm enough for me to wear these lovelies very often. These cherry heels are in my category of "favorites." They are just calling out for red toenail polish and a sassy red dress! Hurry up warm weather!

Beatles 4Ever

In Fall 2009 my dad got a pair of these Clarks Desert Boots from the UK, and I just had to have a pair for myself!

My most recent acquisition of fabulosity...