Monday, June 27, 2011

Today's Shoes!

My Monday shoes are a pair of spectator-ish blush colored heels from Miss Me. I've had them for quite some time (got them on sale at Plasticland months ago), but hadn't worn them until today because I didn't have anything that went really well with them.

Thanks to a great sale at Banana Republic over the weekend, I scored a lovely dolman sleeved lace blouse from their Heritage line, with ruched sleeves and little ties on each sleeve. And, it is a beautiful blush color--perfect with the shoes!

Of course, given the vintage style of the shoe, I wish I had a champagne or blush-colored linen suit to wear with them, accessorized with cream gloves, a proper handbag, and a hat with a bit of netting. Now that would be snazzy!

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